Apr 17 2011 Games Programming

Here we have a Quake character converter, shell server query tool, and an IRC query tool. All coded in Perl. These are made for Q1 but I do believe they can be edited to work with later Quake versions.  

This script will convert a Quake logfile to regular text characters. I found code that converts in c after I wrote this one. Just give it an argument of the filename you want to convert and filename.converted will be created.


This tool will query a Quake server from the shell. I wrote this so I could be alerted when people log on. You can run in interactive mode, or from cron. When the latter: tail -f quakeserverquery.pl.log. For the record the shell is Bash and yes, it does have colors.


Then I modified the above for IRC as an Irssi plugin. This will poll your favorite Quake server every 5 minutes. You can also add servers to poll manually. VERY nice. The dynamic variable width and color coding makes it very easy on the eyes and nice to look at. To check it out > see if ArmOrbOt is connected to quakenet, freenode, or gamesurge and ask him the one word question: watching?.



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