Nov 11 2010 Programming

Here are 3 scripts mass invite, mass whois, and mass ctcp.
What makes them fun is the option to send the output to a channel.

All files contain usage instructions. This means you have to open them with a text editor at least once to learn how to operate.

Mass Whois:
This will /whois an entire channel and selectively output requested fields.
Do you think someone is pretending to be AFK but really ignoring you? Type /whoi $RudePersonsNick and show them they're not as sneaky as they think.
Just looking to see who's around? Use /whoi #ChannelName in the status window for the private view.
Beware. Some people get highly upset when you post their public info to a channel.


Mass CTCP:
This works like mass whois but for /ctcp. Using this will most likely make the targets client beep. A great way to annoy your friends! Just kidding. Do not annoy your friends. A cool use for this is to list everybody's client /cc.


Mass Invite:
This will reschedule invites when the server throttles you. In addition to collecting nicks and /inviting them. I'm surprised somebody hasn't made this one yet.


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