Warlords III Darklords Rising - Browser based MMOG
Sep 16 2009 Games Programming

Here is an incomplete game I was working on.
I don't know if I'll ever finish, but it was good for practice.  

paladinm.gifI planned to abstract the map away which would make the mmog (massively multiplayer online) work. I envisioned everything else working as the original. The few pages I put together do that.

You can click the links below one by one or, create an account and walk through them in order.

Here's the signup page including no fancy eye candy. I can't show the code because I plan to re-use it. Just know that it checks field bounds, encrypts the password you select, stores it in a db, then sends a mail off to you and the admin (me).
Account Creation

Here's the login page again no eye candy. This is really nice I wish I could show it off, but I have to keep it private for security reasons.
Sends some cookies, checks 10 identation levels, bounds checking, javascript, etc.

The database is very thorough. It contains all unit stats, heros, spells, items, terrain types, descriptions, image names, etc. Had to snip a table or two but here's the bulk.

Here's the javascript setup screen. Posts to the sever with AJAX.
The server in turn verifies all data is correct then saves it if so. If any of the thousands of checks fail I get a mail with the precise error and the offending submitters computer blows up.
Army Setup

My favorite part, this is what a javascript animated battle would look like. Another exact replica of the game. The first load might be slow as images are cached. I planned to do some clever caching before this page was reached when I brought the thing online.
Battle Screen

Just a simple page here for when a hero joins. You can click male/female and name the hero.
Hero Joins

One of the weaknesses of the actual game was organizing your stacks during multiplayer. Here I made a javascript drag and drop system improving it.
Drag and Drop Setup

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