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Jun 19 2009 Programming

Whitespace is a clean and simple layout based on → this ← other layout of mine. As the name suggests it features plenty of whitespace, also variable - full width display, and nothing that distracts your eyes from the actual content.  

I started with a blank page and found a site on the net that had also built a theme from scratch and used that to get started. When I finished the code didn't look much different than the default theme. The template used tables and initially I also used tables but decided against them soon after.

As I delved in I started to notice how self promoting this little piece of software is.
Wordpress in the cookie names, in the path names, in the file names, in the headers, in the login page (so much so that you think you're logging into the Wordpress site itself), links back on all the pages. You connect to wordpress.com every time you access the administration page.

The Javascript usage is a bit over the top. Most major libraries are included. JQuery, Scriptaculous, Thickbox, Prototype, and more. 2 MB worth and all they really do is call home for spam, and make some dropdown links, oh you can drag some divs around too. There's only one function provided for your presentation to the outside world.

They are also absolutely sure you want your links in a vertical UL list. Your posts are stripped of all line breaks unless you type <br> yourself. You can add your own breaks programmatically as the software stores your posts or, as I chose to do, change the newlines to breaks on display. So much for the included WYSIWYG editor.

The login - signup page was a bit of a pain because it's laid out backwards. I guess this is why a lot of users don't bother customizing theirs.

I didn't set out to trash Wordpress with this post just listing some of my grievances. The software is generally nice and easy to work with and to modify.

I did some font testing as part of this and found that DejaVu is the only real player for Linux. Verdana is comparable for windows. Many fonts look similar until you see several lines of each side by side. but that's for another post. Continuing I'm not satisfied with the final form layout the button looks too much like the input titles. I'm also looking for a reason to add some Javascript. Still, I'm very happy with it.


I'll be happy to answer any questions regarding installation.

Feb 12 2010
Comment #1 posted by vivek at 4:28 am

well as you told the theme i think looks good but font size is too small for reading.

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