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Mar 19 2008 Games NukeZone

ArmOrbOt (my IRC bOt) can be found on in the channel #ArmOrbOt.
Here is the full help for his nukezone functionality.  

Calculates net worth, firepower, missile defense, market prices, power consumption, and attack ranges. Shows a few statistics of a given unit. Calculates a mock 1vs1 battle. Will tell you anybody in the top lists statistics on demand. Also outputs a random top 5 every half hour.

To invoke it type a trigger in the channel prefixed by a ! then a unit name or/and the appropriate numbers.

Acceptable triggers are:
!help, !fp, !nw, !md, !stats, !range, !attack, !power, !mp, !networth, !combo, !province, !worst, !points, !topcombo, !toppoints, !help, !seen, !suntzu, and !top100.

You can type any of the triggers alone for help, and an example.

Acceptable names are:
Nuclear Missile, Biochemical Missile, Chemical Missile, Tomahawk 250C Missile, Tomahawk 500C Missile, Laser Beam Satellite, Anti-Missile Satellite, EMP Satellite, Orbital Research Laboratory, Spy Satellite, Stealth Satellite, Research Lab, Missile Silo, Command Center, Ship Yard, Air Field, War Factory, Barrack, Power Plant, Advanced Power Plant, Torpedo Launcher, SAM Site, Missile Turret, Machinegun Turret, Anti-Missile System.
Torpedo Launcher, SAM Site, Missile Turret, Machinegun Turret, B-2 Stealth Bomber, Hover Tank, Submarine, Sam Tank, M1 Abrams Tank, SH-60 Sea Hawk, F-35 JSF, Humvee, Heavy Infantry, RAH-66 Comanche Heavy Artillery, Machine Gunner, CH-46 Sea Knight, Navy Seal, F-22 Raptor, Stealth Boat, Grenade Soldier, Cruiser, F/A-18 Super Hornet, T-2000 Hovercraft, Destroyer, Aurora Spy Plane, Sniper, Spy, Thief, Land, Research.

Capitalization is not necessary. Spaces, dashes, and the / can be omitted.
These are all color coded in the reply because I like it like that.

Shortcuts are:
nuke, app, ams, pp, lab (research lab building), emp, sds, laser, aurora, mg, gs, ns, m1, ch46, rah66, sh60, b2, fa18, f22, t2000, sub, and a few others you might stumble upon.

The bot will respond to private messages and channel messages.

!nw 100 machine gun turrets
calculated by multiplying the cost of number of units or buildings by numbers taken from nukezone portal ranging from 0.039 to 0.14.

!md 15000L 150A
Notice the L and A for land and Anti Missile Systems. ( AMS / Land ) * 6700.

!fp 100 t-2000 hovercraft
Sums the attack of given units.

!mp 1000 b2 stealth bombers
calculates what number of units will cost at the market with various discounts.

!range 400000
low range is 0.714285714285714, high is 1.4.

!power 50 advanced power plants
sums the power use of given buildings.

!stats cruiser
Units only.
Cost, Attack, Cost/Attack, Defense, Cost/Defense, Cost/(Attack+Defense).

!attack 100 cruiser with 200 T-2000 Hovercraft ***
  ***[ air and sea, ground, regular ]
Gives the results (win or loss), the number of units killed, and net worth damage dealt in the attack. Units or building that are idle have square brackets [] surrounding them instead of parenthesis ().

Displays the last days 10 top combo clans.

Displays the last days 10 top points clans.

!worst 24
Shows the worst points clan for the given hours.

!province provincename
!province ## provincename
You provide province name. Will show the current standing or, if ##(numbers 1-168) is provided, the difference within that time frame.

Work exactly like !province.

!seen nick
You provide the nick to tell when that nick was last seen.

Get a quote from The Art of War to ponder and make yourself a better strategist.

The rumors of some magic randomness in the battle engine are false.

Here are some tips using the b0t.

Keep it in a private message if you don't want to embarrass yourself by not understanding simple instructions. :P

Don't use it to attack me, or my clan.

Don't flood it with commands it might be working in another channel. All commands are cached and some output takes up to a minute before free for the next.

!nw is good for
keeping your province near the clans average.

!md is good for
visual confirmation that an anticipated target with 60,000 land and 250 ams is an easy nuke target.
Seeing how many you need for maximum shoot down %.

!fp is useful for
whomever has the most firepower participating in the battle will win it.
VERY useful.

!mp is good for
appropriating funds before you have them.

!range is helpful
Figuring out What net worth you or your clan must be to attack x net worth.
Don't use it to grow big attempting to escape enemies targeting your clan. This will only gain you animosity among those who can't also grow big.

!power is good to know
if you find a province 70%+ usage in mostly advanced power plants,,,.

!stats good for comparison
!stats all

The top 100 functions are useful to watch your favorite enemies for an opportune time to get revenge, among other things.

!attack is much fun to play with.
You can still win the battle vs. the province when this reports a loss, if you've brought the most firepower to the battle.
examples are heavy artillery attacking m1 will always report a loss. It's programmed to give the win to the defending unit if said unit is not targeted by the attacker. Use !fp in those situations.
If your doing a ground, or air amp; sea attack add the extra damage in your head. These attack types have no bearing on firepower that determines winners.
You can also use it for reverse spy reports.

Please let me know if you find any errors.

Aug 6 2009
Comment #1 posted by Hitt at 4:38 am

Here's a useful little shell script that would validate a long list of Web proxies in just a couple of minutes. Just thought people here may find it useful:

Mar 7 2011
Comment #2 posted by Gerrard at 4:02 am

nice work

Jul 19 2011
Comment #3 posted by Lairson at 12:31 pm

Hello! I could have sworn I?ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it?s new to me. Anyhow, I?m definitely glad I found it and I?ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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