Apr 19 2007 Programming

This was originally a post about my progression learning Perl programming.
In it I mentioned my dissatisfaction with the actual book "Learning Perl".  

This caught the authors attention and he replied recommending some of his other books. For the record I went on to read "Intermediate Perl" and it did a very good job teaching object oriented Perl programming, among other things.

I've wanted to delete this post because it doesn't fit the theme the site has grown into. But I can't bring myself to do that since the first comment ever was written by a Perl legend.

The text has been updated but the original remains <!-- just not displayed -->

Apr 19 2007
Comment #1 posted by Randal L. Schwartz at 2:08 pm

Did you see "Intermediate Perl", the successor to my "Learning Perl"? And then "Mastering Perl" is out, I think.

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