IRC bOt - NukeZone
Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

This irssi perl IRC script calculates various game information that is useful to have at hand.
There's a usage post on this site if you're interested.  

Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

Perl WWW:Mechanize script to fetch webpages, and a companion script to parse them.
A backend to my IRC bOt.  

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Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

Here's the nukezone top 100 irssi IRC perl script.
This could be used to find sweet targets with a little modification.  

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ArmOrbOt - IRC NukeZone Combat Calculator Commands
Mar 19 2008 Games NukeZone

ArmOrbOt (my IRC bOt) can be found on in the channel #ArmOrbOt.
Here is the full help for his nukezone functionality.  

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