Apr 17 2011 Games Programming

Here we have a Quake character converter, shell server query tool, and an IRC query tool. All coded in Perl. These are made for Q1 but I do believe they can be edited to work with later Quake versions.  

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Warlords III Darklords Rising - Browser based MMOG
Sep 16 2009 Games Programming

Here is an incomplete game I was working on.
I don't know if I'll ever finish, but it was good for practice.  

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The Real HivebOt - Part 2
Jul 24 2009 Games Programming

Here's the remainder of the code. This part watches players, alliances, and galaxies.
Nobody in the game could do anything without us knowing about it instantly.  

The Real HivebOt - Part 1
Jul 24 2009 Games Programming

Another IRC bOt. This one helped me dominate the hive game.
Now it can work for you too!  

Jul 24 2009 Games Programming

The application was for the game "The Hive" a Planetarion clone originally named Spaceminers.
I also have a copy of the games source code here. It was released with no license.  

IRC bOt - NukeZone
Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

This irssi perl IRC script calculates various game information that is useful to have at hand.
There's a usage post on this site if you're interested.  

Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

Perl WWW:Mechanize script to fetch webpages, and a companion script to parse them.
A backend to my IRC bOt.  

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Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

Here's the nukezone top 100 irssi IRC perl script.
This could be used to find sweet targets with a little modification.  

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ArmOrbOt - IRC NukeZone Combat Calculator Commands
Mar 19 2008 Games NukeZone

ArmOrbOt (my IRC bOt) can be found on irc.quakenet.org in the channel #ArmOrbOt.
Here is the full help for his nukezone functionality.  

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