Apr 17 2011 Games Programming

Here we have a Quake character converter, shell server query tool, and an IRC query tool. All coded in Perl. These are made for Q1 but I do believe they can be edited to work with later Quake versions.  

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Nov 11 2010 Programming

Here are 3 scripts mass invite, mass whois, and mass ctcp.
What makes them fun is the option to send the output to a channel.

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Feb 23 2010 Programming

I've totally re-written the code for this Perl Pidgin Yahoo plugin.
It is the BEST bot ignoring tool ever!  

Jan 28 2010 Programming

The letter scroller is located top-left of this page, mouse over the letters.
The sprite sheet animator in action can be seen in this post.  

Warlords III Darklords Rising - Browser based MMOG
Sep 16 2009 Games Programming

Here is an incomplete game I was working on.
I don't know if I'll ever finish, but it was good for practice.  

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The Real HivebOt - Part 2
Jul 24 2009 Games Programming

Here's the remainder of the code. This part watches players, alliances, and galaxies.
Nobody in the game could do anything without us knowing about it instantly.  

The Real HivebOt - Part 1
Jul 24 2009 Games Programming

Another IRC bOt. This one helped me dominate the hive game.
Now it can work for you too!  

Jul 24 2009 Games Programming

The application was for the game "The Hive" a Planetarion clone originally named Spaceminers.
I also have a copy of the games source code here. It was released with no license.  

Jul 23 2009 Programming

I made some pie slices with GD. Then animated them at different intervals with Javascript.
You can test your browsers timing by watching these as they should line up frequently.  

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Jul 23 2009 Programming

Here's a UTC clock   and a countdown timer   I wrote for a friends game.

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Jun 19 2009 Programming

Have you ever come across a webpage with an image of some girl with some provocative nickname claiming to be from your city? Here's how that works.  

Whitespace Wordpress Theme
Jun 19 2009 Programming

Whitespace is a clean and simple layout based on → this ← other layout of mine. As the name suggests it features plenty of whitespace, also variable - full width display, and nothing that distracts your eyes from the actual content.  

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bOt tOOls v.1.0 - Perl Pidgin Plugin
Apr 29 2009 Programming

A wonderful script that squelches spambots in yahoo chatrooms.
Also ignores over-sized fonts, repeating, and non English characters.  

Perl Photo Tools - Part 3.
Apr 28 2009 Programming

Final entry for my photo tools.
The browser frontend. Using CGI, and DBI.  

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Perl Photo Tools - Part 2. Resizing and the Database
Apr 27 2009 Programming

A bulk image resizer, and a script for entering them into a database.
Using MySQL, DBI, and Image Magick.  

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IRC bOt - NukeZone
Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

This irssi perl IRC script calculates various game information that is useful to have at hand.
There's a usage post on this site if you're interested.  

Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

Perl WWW:Mechanize script to fetch webpages, and a companion script to parse them.
A backend to my IRC bOt.  

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Apr 24 2009 NukeZone Programming

Here's the nukezone top 100 irssi IRC perl script.
This could be used to find sweet targets with a little modification.  

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ArmOrbOt - IRC NukeZone Combat Calculator Commands
Mar 19 2008 Games NukeZone

ArmOrbOt (my IRC bOt) can be found on irc.quakenet.org in the channel #ArmOrbOt.
Here is the full help for his nukezone functionality.  

Mar 11 2008 Programming

Here is my frontend browser interface and backend for access logs.
Didn't see any like this around so I coded my own.  

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Jul 30 2007 Programming

Used to run these scripts to modify the wordpress database.
I don't run them anymore but might modify and do so again in the future.  

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Apr 19 2007 Programming

Two perl scripts. One reads /proc/net/dev and writes the results to a file daily and on boot.
The other reads this file, calculates the difference, and pretty prints html out.  

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Port Connections - Logged, Parsed, Mailed.
Apr 19 2007 Programming

The router logs all connection attempts that aren't explicitly allowed.
Then at the end of the day parses and mails the results to me.  

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Perl Photo Tools - Part 1. Filenames
Apr 19 2007 Programming

Key to these tools are pristine descriptive filenames.
In this post I set the modification times, and gather statistics.  

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Apr 19 2007 Programming

This was originally a post about my progression learning Perl programming.
In it I mentioned my dissatisfaction with the actual book "Learning Perl".  

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Mar 12 2007 Family

Our photo collection has been scanned, cropped, re-sized,
descriptively named, and entered into a database. 1880 in all. Here are the names.  

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